Photo by Dan Stanton

Photo by Dan Stanton

Studio AYC is the home of Andrew Young Colgan. A printmaker, designer, student, collaborator, and also a person. 

Raised in the North Shore of Massachusetts, I became involved in music & art by going to punk shows in Boston while studying English at Umass Boston. While in Boston I learned how to screen print with friends in the basement of our house. I became less interested in studying English and more interested in t-shirt printing, cut & paste flyers & booking shows. I soon realized it was time to do what every smart punk kid does in their early twenties; drop out of school and move across the country to Portland, Oregon.

Upon arriving in Portland in 2013 I soon built up a DIY screen printing set-up in my basement and was back to printing shirts & posters for my friends bands while working full-time as a pharmacy technician, a truly terrible job. After several more years of part-time basement printing and some equipment upgrades it was time to make a change.  I finally quit my job at the pharmacy I had been holding onto for 9 years.

I started working in the restaurant industry in 2016 to make more time for expanding my printing business and to try and learn more about art & design. I was working late nights at a busy restaurant and printing shirts for bands from all over the world during the days. In my free time I would make posters for lots of events that were going on in Portland and worked with my friends bands under the label name Best Before Records to help them release tapes, records, and book tours. I planned two back to back west-coast tours for my friends from the east coast at the end of that summer. I printed all their shirts and went on the road with them and quit my job again.

I had been volunteering at Black Water Records in NE Portland for years after moving to Portland and I eventually moved my business from the basement into an open studio space at the record shop and got a job at Black Water Bar, an all-ages venue and bar that they also run. I often book events for bands that hire me to print their shirts at Black Water and other venues in town and also book my own DJ events as well. 

Through being involved as a volunteer at Black Water Records for several years, working and booking shows at their all-ages venue & bar, I have had lots of opportunities to work with so many amazing bands and artists from all over the world. It is through all of these opportunities that I realized I wanted to become a print maker and designer full time and learn more about art, design, and the history of all the styles I had been emulating while making posters for punk shows and shirts for bands.  I finally decided it was time to go back to school.

Currently I am a full time student at Portland State University studying art & graphic design while printing and designing shirts, posters, record covers, and anything else that I can get my hands on. I work very closely with Black Water Records, Bar & Venue helping design & print for record releases, event posters, menu layout, and various  other projects.  My goal is to work with real people, especially those involved in the punk, music, and arts communities, and to use my skills as a print maker and designer to help elevate my peers & clients projects & events and make them stand out in a world that is oversaturated with generic & thoughtless products. Check out my screen print and poster gallery pages to see some examples of my work and the people I have been lucky to work with so far. I look forward to working with you on your next project!